Jan 17

Paracordist how to tie a Chinese button knot

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This is a chinese button knot, I have used it on various possibles bags and paracord bracelets

Duration : 0:3:12

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  1. kevingg2000 says:

    @MrBradman3000 I …
    @MrBradman3000 I have 3 little princesses, no shortage of props to use!

  2. MrBradman3000 says:

    i love that …
    i love that princess cup in the background!

  3. my1956effie says:

    HAHA, just when …
    HAHA, just when she gets her 15 seconds of fame she goes all bashfull.

  4. rickthenailer says:

    Very clear video, …
    Very clear video, and easy to understand.
    If the knot is tied on the middle of a cord, I suppose the two ends will make the rest of the bracelet. How would you make the loop on the other end of the bracelet, to be used with the button knot? If the bracelet was of just one color, I suppose you could start the cobra weave on the other side and then pull out a loop from one of the cords, but if it is two colors, I don´t know how to do it without cutting and melting.

  5. SurvivalMinded says:

    Hey buddy, thanks …
    Hey buddy, thanks for the knot vid. Would like to see a howto about that jute bag. That was a nice one. Did you get that hook I sent you?

  6. indigsd says:

    I’ve been using a …
    I’ve been using a lanyard knot to make button knots. There doesn’t seem to be much difference.

  7. 38MarcW says:

    Great how to Kevin …
    Great how to Kevin Ava is really cute have a good one.

  8. acidburn149 says:

    very nice thanks ( …
    very nice thanks (sounds like my house in the background!!)

  9. nchiker1971 says:

    PS. Ava is …
    PS. Ava is absolutely precious!

  10. nchiker1971 says:

    Thanks for posting …
    Thanks for posting this video, I’ve been trying to learn this knot for a week now from a book and had zero success. You got me doing it right in a couple of minutes. Thanks again!