Jul 04

The mini repeating crossbow crafts

chinese crafts crafts for sale size: 17(L)*18(W)*11.5(H)cm pack size:30.5(L)*22.5(W)*17.3(H)cm (crafts) but shooting still works with 10 toothsticks arrow,shooting distance about 1m.
The Chinese repeating crossbow (Chinese: 諸葛弩; pinyin: Zhūgě nǔ; Wade-Giles: Chu-ke nu; literally “Zhuge crossbow”; sometimes misspelled as Chu-ko-nu) is a device with a simple design.
It is commonly believed to have been invented by the Chinese strategist Zhuge Liang (226-481 A.D.) of the Three Kingdoms period. its widespread use as a handheld defensive weapon in the defense of fortifications made this a vital weapon during a siege.
However, this belief is false as the earliest repeating crossbows (found in Tomb 47 of Qinjiazui, Hubei province) were dated to the 4th century BC.[1] Zhuge Liang improved the design of the repeating crossbow, and made a version which shot two to three bolts at once and was used in massed formations, and for this reason, it was named after him. This craft( zhuge nu) is manufactured quaintly by modern design with brass gilding according to zhuge repeating crossbow theory. It works with 10 toothpick arrows repeating shooting although its” palm size.. Allegedly the ancient Chinese emperors owned it for self-defense.

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