May 23

TUTORIAL – How to make a Paper Fan Ornament using Red Packet (Hong Bao Paper)

chinese crafts Watch how the Hongbao Paper Fan (红包 紙扇) Ornament is made.

For more of Chinese New Year craft tutorials please follow the link below:-

E N J O Y :-)

Duration : 0:8:32

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  1. Engy salem says:

    can you get these …
    can you get these materials in England?

  2. ireneblchua says:

    It is called Ang …
    It is called Ang Bao or Hongbao (red envelopes) and is given with money during Lunar New Year and also during special occasions like birthday and wedding. We used these ang bao to make lanterns and decorative items to light up the atmosphere during the Lunar New Year celebration which lasts 14 days. Thanks for watching :-)

  3. sunlitstormclouds says:

    What are the …
    What are the packets which you used, and where does one get them?

  4. rikk06 says:

    great, i need a …
    great, i need a thousand units by monday lol

  5. ireneblchua says:

    You can get it …
    You can get it from Chinatown, Golden Dragon and shops that sell Chinese New Year stuff. Thanks for watching :-)

  6. DewiAnggraini10 says:

    hi, Irene, thanks …
    hi, Irene, thanks for sharing a really useful video! :) hmm.. may i know where in Singapore could i get the tassel from? many thanks..

  7. ireneblchua says:

    Thanks for …
    Thanks for watching :-)

  8. Randomopera says:

    Beautiful! Very …
    Beautiful! Very excited to try making my own!

  9. ireneblchua says:

    Very beautiful!! …
    Very beautiful!! Great job! Congrats :-)

  10. hdu555 says: …

  11. ireneblchua says:

    You may wish to do …
    You may wish to do a video response to share with me. Thanks for watching :-)

  12. hdu555 says:

    Great video !! I …
    Great video !! I incorporated what you show here onto my daughter’s paper turkey project in her school where the fan becomes the feathers (in craft paper). It had 20 feathers and looks so awesome. Thanks.

  13. Mixinnitup says:

    Have you figured …
    Have you figured out the measurements?

  14. oskarchust1 says:

    HSBC Bank

    HSBC Bank

  15. ireneblchua says:

    Thanks for watching …
    Thanks for watching. All the best. Happy folding :-)

  16. ireneblchua says:

    Thanks for …
    Thanks for watching :-)

  17. ENAIRAMA1 says:

    I will try this …
    I will try this with 12×12 craft paper!! Thank you for this tutorial. I will try to figure out the measurements and adapt the craft.

  18. ok250682 says:

    very nice
    very nice

  19. ireneblchua says:

    Thanks for watching …
    Thanks for watching. From where you’re residing….I think you probably can get from the Asian stores (Chinatown perhaps?). We get it usually when Lunar New Year is approaching. All the best :-)

  20. SunshineYun says:

    Hi, I love your …
    Hi, I love your work, but where can i get this red packets, I like to try =)

  21. DIFFYandFIFFY says:


  22. 1bunnyp34 says:

    i wish i had that …
    i wish i had that paper i want to make one

  23. minnaingsoe1 says:

    hi you boy for girl
    hi you boy for girl

  24. ireneblchua says:

    The red packets ( …
    The red packets (known as hongbao or ang pow) is a monetary gift given during Lunar New Year, birthday, wedding and special occasions. We made these as decoration for Lunar New Year. These red packets are made of paper. Thank you for watching :-)

  25. tbtube7 says:

    are …

    are these red packets a type of cardboard or paper??