Jul 13

UFO, Alien Mothership Space Craft over China

chinese crafts UFO

Duration : 0:2:24

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  1. Jason Sweet says:

    They aare already …
    They aare already allied with the illuminati here to fake an invasion

  2. SuperMetalfan666 says:

    you are all in the …
    you are all in the middle of a itnergalactic war and will soon be forced to take sides

  3. quincybee21 says:

    they are demons …
    they are demons not aliens do not fall for the deception

  4. manfromregina says:

    Wikileak UFO’s  !!
    Wikileak UFO’s  !!

  5. legonatter105 says:

    i once saw a wight …
    i once saw a wight streeck of light go across the shy in a blink of an eye, it apeard half way across the sky than disapeard.

  6. ufoteen96 says:

    i say a ufo last …
    i say a ufo last night, and it was hovering over my house with a beeping sound on the craft!!! ALIENS ARE REAL.

  7. enow0049 says:

    stop watching star …
    stop watching star trek. But another theory it self could be right, the ancient aztek temples had objects of a man or being with helmet sitting in some sort of triangle mechanism. Your theory of aliens visting ancient civilizations could be right.

  8. Graymoths says:

    Ask yourself this. …
    Ask yourself this. do ANY government take any action at all to UFOs? I think not. And even if they did, it’s probably a fruitless effort.

  9. jovoy123 says:

    What did the …
    What did the chinese government do about that incident?what about their department of defense?their airforce?no actions?

  10. MyFallenshadow says:

    i agree with you …
    i agree with you also in old religious painting it has people, angels people believe i say it sure as looks like a bubble in the sky that might be UFO’s and yea old Ancient Civilazitians did indeed worship gods like egyptians worshiped gods with a human body but animal heads now i maybe young but i know that my theory makes since

  11. TheWolfreaver says:

    I agree with you I …
    I agree with you I thought of THat Already Since for Example Alot Of Ancient Civilazitians worshiped Gods that seem to be non Existent or Big but just might be aliens but if We Were Able to Actually Met Aliens all Religion Would go Corrupt And Fail since ALL Religions Say that Their God Or Gods Created Them only No one else

  12. captainclules says:

    @dkid634 i kinda …
    @dkid634 i kinda have a weird theory, you should stop watching too many science fiction movies

  13. dkid634 says:

    i kinda have a …
    i kinda have a wierd theory, and please write me back on this on what you think… i think that aliens are using us as some kinda science experiment. have you ever thought of linking the bible to this? does it ever occur that in the “ye olde” days, our god might have been an alien? after all it does say ” he made us in his own image”. please think this over… aliens could have made us in thier labs, and finally let us go on earth, and over time they watched us to figure out their own past.

  14. matthewja12 says:

    is there a way to …
    is there a way to translate it

  15. livin2myownlamp says:

    haha i lol’ed when …
    haha i lol’ed when i read mothership

  16. nomainreason says:

    that’s funny, but …
    that’s funny, but ants don’t say “eep uh eep eeep!”.. instead : “poka, tiki! ding-dong” which means “bitch, get me a beer and shut up”

  17. JeffreyOsb says:

    Let’s assume for a …
    Let’s assume for a second that it were aliens and not some military test. Let’s assume then that these are indeed alien ships or an alien ship. Let’s assume all of that…

    How the do you know the difference between a standard ship and a ‘mother ship’ and have you ever considered they’d be more like us and not have a ‘hive’ mind? “Mother ship” may be more known as a capital ship.

  18. dicel099 says:

    like there was ruin …
    like there was ruin in mars. so it is possible there are living creature out there..
    so think before you complain there are mystery out there that our scientist need to study and we need to know them more and live together…

    in the future people and aliens will live together….

  19. dicel099 says:

    oh there was one …
    oh there was one time i used my fathers telescope to look at the stars but it was funny that i saw 2 light moving in different direction in great speed.. i check it a couple of time but nothing change it is still the same.. but i am not the only one who seen it because there was a news about ufo that there was one people who have seen something like i do…
    and living creature who are in ufo.. they are more advance than us..

  20. dicel099 says:

    its not that …
    its not that possible that it is note a ufo or something becouse in the universe we are not the only living creature who are rally alive there are other planets too..
    there was one thing i read at the yahoo.com.
    there was another planet that looks like earth but they called it something and i forgot the name so if someone claim he seen something like ufo it is a possibility it is true because they are not only thinking it is fun to spread rumors but they are being curious about what they seen…

  21. DaButterChickenVlog says:

    Hey I saw those in …
    Hey I saw those in Walmart today

  22. bittergrapeshape says:

    the Chinese make …
    the Chinese make every thing nowadays from cheap mobile phones to badly shot fake UFO videos

  23. ppfilipino says:

    and where are the …
    and where are the chinese super-uber jet planes to shot ‘em down or their ballistic missiles to blast ‘em off in the skies?? hmmm… somethings fishy…

  24. jaymorpheus1 says:

    The cyborg race of …
    The cyborg race of ants has come, now you and all shut up and bow the fuk down. Humans: “nooooooooooo”
    Ants: “eep uh eep eeep!” (shut the up in ant dialect)