Oct 29

updates, new crafts, chinese red money pocket/ “lai see” fish, and 3d origami koi fish

chinese crafts music- band:48 may (cut music from songs: “fightback” and “take your time”)

3d origami koifish info


chinese crafts


Duration : 0:2:7

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  1. pokeuploads says:

    ur awesome
    ur awesome

  2. jewellia7777 says:

    yeah with a thread …
    yeah with a thread and needle. tie a bead at the bottom of the thread so the cranes dont fall off (or a big knot) and theres a whole at the bottom of the crane. poke the needle up there and poke it up thru the puffy body and do that to all the cranes

  3. asianlove4eva says:

    how would u connest …
    how would u connest the cranes , with tread and needles sowed together

  4. camposfregoso says:

    Do you have any …
    Do you have any other pics of diagrams??? That would be SOOO cool!

  5. tropicsunshine says:

    how many peices is …
    how many peices is the koi fish PLEASE REPLY

  6. jewellia7777 says:

    me? why do u think …
    me? why do u think that? im chinese, not vietnamese

  7. aznboi81596 says:

    hey, found out your …
    hey, found out your viet.

  8. anjelicimp says:

    go to anjelicimp. …
    go to anjelicimp. deviantart. com ..without the spaces

  9. jewellia7777 says:

    na mine doesnt have …
    na mine doesnt have a tail. i havnt added eyes yet cz i dont have those types of eyes like jaxsters, and it doesnt look good with google eyes. i cant find ur page with ur username. how dou search 4 ppl with the username? do u hav a link 2 ur page?

  10. anjelicimp says:

    hey, i’ve made that …
    hey, i’ve made that blue dragon thing from jaxter’s video too! except i changed it a bit and made it base 20 because i used post-its. does yours have a tail? i have pics up at deviant art – username anjelicimp..if you want to check it out :)

  11. jewellia7777 says:

    yeah it only took …
    yeah it only took that long since i had huge breaks like didnt do it for like 6 months

  12. jewellia7777 says:

    i just wrote on …
    i just wrote on this vid i wont b making tutorials anytime soon cz i dont hav time. if ur talkn bout the laisee fish, the diagram’s on this vid, just pause at the slides, its pretty easy. as 4 the koi fish the info is on the side bar, thers the digram 4 it, and an explanation on the increasing technique. sum ppl do kno how 2 read them. u’ll just hav 2 keep lookn at it/ figure it out since thats the closest u can get info bout it, sorry im too busy to make a tutorial

  13. TheMay1010 says:

    no one will know …
    no one will know how to do the fish can you plz make one plz

  14. thdrjsdnBRB says:

    i made 500 cranes …
    i made 500 cranes for my parent’s christmas and it only took me 3 months

  15. blackcrunchy1212 says:

    Wow! :D
    Wow! :D

  16. jewellia7777 says:

    thnx, awsum cant …
    thnx, awsum cant wait 2 see

  17. addickedmoonlighter says:

    Happy lat birthday …
    Happy lat birthday jewellia
    iv got some things i want to show
    you once i get them posted!!!

  18. ying122 says:

    Happy Birthday!!! …
    Happy Birthday!!! By the way my birthday is in Jan.19!!!!

  19. jewellia7777 says:

    thanx! :-)
    thanx! :-)

  20. jewellia7777 says:

    thanx! ^_^
    thanx! ^_^

  21. 7ifrah says:

    Happy birthday to …
    Happy birthday to you :)

  22. BlubbsieBlubs says:

    Happy late birthday …
    Happy late birthday!!!!!!

  23. Gamesaresuper says:

    wow COOL!!
    wow COOL!!

  24. pokeuploads says:


  25. josseline9090 says:

    5/5* =D

    5/5* =D