Dec 23

Amy drawing a panda bear with Chinese painting brush on a piece of rice paper with silver flakes

chinese painting This video comes in two parts: the first half is Amy drawing a panda bear with Chinese Painting brush on a piece of rice paper with silver flakes, and the second half is some video fortages we took at a panda reservation center in China. Hope this video will give you some inspiration to paint panda and bamboo in Chinese painting style.
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Brushes: large wolf hair brush and a soft combination brush.
Paper: Xuan rice paper with golden flakes
Ink: Ground ink(leftover) from inkstick and inkstone

Happy Earth Day! (04/22/2010)

Duration : 0:11:56

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  1. sophie5572 says:

    So cute adorable …
    So cute adorable painting good job

  2. DaisyPanda123 says:

    wow she is a very …
    wow she is a very talented painter..i love to paint and draw aswell :D

  3. irangel1958 says:

    thank you again Amy …
    thank you again Amy, well done,
    I am inspired to try my hand at panda bears
    and for the video of the panda at the zoo thank you as well. They were cute, I never knew they climbed trees like that, very flexible creatures.

  4. blueheronarts says:

    @alisame123 Thank …
    @alisame123 Thank you! She is a junior college majored in design.

  5. alisame123 says:

    Cute panda drawing …
    Cute panda drawing! How old is Amy?

  6. blinkymon says:

    She has some …
    She has some beautiful hands… And talent :)

  7. MsSilart says:

    thank you for this …
    thank you for this video

  8. demonokron says:

    a very nice and …
    a very nice and cute painting .. a great talent you have Amy

  9. ImCuckoo4CocoPuffs says:

    I. LOVE. PANDAS!!!! …
    I. LOVE. PANDAS!!!! I want to see one for real. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  10. MrHroark says:

    Amy…you have a …
    Amy…you have a real talent.. I enjoy watching you work.
    Thanks for sharing with us.