Jul 28

Blue Heron Sumi-e Chinese Brush Painting Demo

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This subject matter is where I would ask my students to start in my painting class. You need one large soft brush and one small hard brush.

Duration : 0:8:11

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  1. mjphon says:

    did he say PARROT?

    did he say PARROT?

  2. blueheronarts says:

    Thanks! Please …
    Thanks! Please visit the “blueheronarts” channel for more demos. – Henry, the artist of BlueHeronArts

  3. TlalocChak says:

    Very Beautiful, 3 …
    Very Beautiful, 3 People Failed to Paint Something so stunning like this. this is a true work of art.

  4. pianoloft says:

    thanks for that …
    thanks for that fascinating demonstration, respect !

  5. Gleekedgal says:

    @VietWontons You’re …
    @VietWontons You’re the stupid idiot.

  6. leisititine1 says:

    Vraiment un très …
    Vraiment un très grand artiste,qui m’a beaucoup motivé a apprendre le sumi-e!
    Merci de tout coeur!

  7. jbvamb says:

    Beautiful and …
    Beautiful and lovely work!

  8. jasneskis says:

    Could you talk a …
    Could you talk a little louder to teach. I have a hard time to hear you. The painting is wonderful and I really want t learn.

  9. ToddKnighter says:

    Good husband and …
    Good husband and wife – painting & cooking, how romantic!

  10. SaphirusX says:

    Um if you look a …
    Um if you look a few comments below, he says that some of his clips are under the blueheronarts account, which would mean it belongs to the same person.

  11. YourMentalDisorder says:

    What is that brush …
    What is that brush called that you use at the end?
    (the one with the water inside)

  12. blueheronarts says:

    Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your comment.

  13. YuiTeub49 says:

    wow…how simple …
    wow…how simple yet beautiful…great job…thanks for the videos… ^_^

  14. jaz4545 says:

    my oh my!what a …
    my oh my!what a lovely painting lesson.

  15. Syed Abrar says:

    very nice work ….
    very nice work ….

  16. yeqiang says:

    There are more …
    There are more painting clips under the “blueheronarts” account.

  17. blueheronarts says:

    I think it’s Lotus …
    I think it’s Lotus Flower or something. I think it’s Buddhist music.

  18. Aaron2071 says:

    oh, one question: …
    oh, one question: what is the song you played at the end?

  19. Aaron2071 says:

    this is so …
    this is so beautiful. I am currently trying to learn all forms of art, and I’m still working on “painting”. there are so many different styles, each one so unique and beautiful. but this is by far my favorite style!  5 stars. beautiful painting. :)

  20. quiescencemusic says:

    Very nice brush …
    Very nice brush painting demo. When can we see more?