Nov 05

Chinese Dragon Painting Tutorial

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Duration : 0:9:44

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  1. fengqiyunify says:

    are you sure it is …
    are you sure it is chinese dragon? i don’t think so , i had lived in china for many years , it is so different with i had saw in china .

  2. 毅 丁 says:

    Not better than me. …
    Not better than me….But you are excellent because you are not Chinese

  3. Thinh Bui says:

    it’s not a cN- …
    it’s not a cN-dragon … it’s a eel

  4. badaboytattoo says:

    Its nice! However …
    Its nice! However as an instructional a little more dialect and explanation of technique would be great.

  5. uil8989 says:


  6. desuki185 says:

    its grate i wish i …
    its grate i wish i could paint at all even close to that

  7. tigemaru1 says:

    nice. I’v always …
    nice. I’v always loved chinese painting

  8. Becki Fazzino says:

    wow, if i ever …
    wow, if i ever tried this, i would make it look like a little kid attempted at it. it must have taken a while to learn how to do this!

  9. Chimerasrose says:

    Let’s see you paint …
    Let’s see you paint a more absolutely magnificent piece like this.

  10. SonicWolvelina99 says:

    Honestly, that must …
    Honestly, that must have taken YEARS of practice to get to this level. Drawing was hard but painting it must be harder. I am amazed by the results. 

  11. cometmoon says:

    wish I had that …
    wish I had that kind of talent, & patience.

  12. pkbully500012 says:

    First i was …
    First i was confused but in the end dude u inspire me!!!!!!!!! AWSOME on a scale to 1 to 5 i give it a trillon

  13. jaglebagle74 says:


  14. Sherlotta says:

    that is just …
    that is just absolute talent you have. You painted that so well!!!

  15. Shredder411 says:

    …really? i’m …
    …really? i’m not impressed

  16. DaHolyGrenade says:

    that is an exelent …
    that is an exelent picture 5/5

  17. lepszy92 says:

    I don’t belive …
    I don’t belive what i see… painting…A-W-E-S-O-M-E

  18. ash666emo says:

    i don’t think he …
    i don’t think he meant for it to look that way…

  19. minkseefox says:

    Nice painting, but …
    Nice painting, but why is there a bird on the dragons head and a persons face in the fire ball?

  20. sharinganvegeta says:

    wow, it looks …
    wow, it looks explosive, like a very powerful feeling kind of explosive. i’ve never tried “negetive” art with chinese ink before but i can tell you that its hard enough just with a pen and paper, kudos, it looks great

  21. BlackLily888 says:


  22. psychodelicdragon says:

    this makes one stop …
    this makes one stop and think about what you are looking at. neatest dragon i’ve seen lately, excellent work.