Jun 16

Chinese Landscape Painting 26

chinese painting Chinese Painting DVD samples – landscape, rocks, mountains, and trees with colors and calligraphy techniques

Duration : 0:2:20

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  1. KOBNAMM says:

    this skill is …
    this skill is awesome !!!

  2. ChPaintingsNetwork says:


  3. ChPaintingsNetwork says:

    Thanks. Your …
    Thanks. Your translation was not based on the language but the artist’s mind and approach. Either way, you read the artist’s mind and the translation is correct as if you know the language :)

  4. bbornets says:

    I am fascinated to …
    I am fascinated to watch the rocks added on top of rocks and the dry texture lines being added from different directions. Thank you so much.
    Red Dragonfly

  5. sprucelake7 says:

    Regretfully, I am …
    Regretfully, I am not able to translate, but I realized this video illustrated perfectly what I had read in books. I was trying to help from my own experience those who would also not be able to translate, but would like to try.

  6. ChPaintingsNetwork says:


    Thank …

    Thank you for your translation and guides. You got it all right!

    CPN team

  7. sprucelake7 says:

    The mountains are …
    The mountains are painted in a technique called “flying white”. The tip of the brush is filled well with ink, but the rest of the brush is rather dry. The edges of the rocks are painted with the tip of the brush. The painter then tips the brush to create the effect of the rock surfaces. This requires a lot of practice as well as testing different brushes. The brush needs to be rather stiff. It is difficult with a soft brush. This video is an excellent guide for developing this technique.