Aug 17

Chinese painting brushes explained 01

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  1. AnonymousLeafShinobi says:

    Ni hao, Yang Laoshi …
    Ni hao, Yang Laoshi.
    Do you still post Chinese calligraphy videos? I’ve learned a lot from your videos since 5th grade, and I didn’t make a YouTube account until very recently. I might post calligraphy practice videos too….

  2. 221Dw says:

    Ah its just I …
    Ah its just I seemed to notice similarities with someone else on youtube here whos originally from China. You both sound similar so I guess its the accent.

    Are there many distinct accents in chinese mandarin speaking areas, how does it compare to the variety you find is places like American and United Kingdom?

  3. FunkyOrangeMunkey says:

    What kind of camera …
    What kind of camera are you using?

  4. PszMan19063 says:

    when you say “wolf …
    when you say “wolf hair” or “mouse whisker” are these brush tips really made of their titles?

  5. yanghaiying says:


  6. 221Dw says:

    Do you mind if I …
    Do you mind if I ask what area of china your accent is from?


  7. NavyMedicUSMC says:

    Ah!  hahahaha
    Ah!  hahahaha

  8. yanghaiying says:


  9. yanghaiying says:

    I need to borrow …
    I need to borrow some guts first.

  10. NavyMedicUSMC says:

    Have you ever tried …
    Have you ever tried to paint in the Renaissance “Old Masters” style?