May 20

Chinese Painting Tutorial: Spotted Owl (selling on eBay)

chinese painting Sumi ink and watercolor on Japanese Rice Paper. Brushes used: set of three fountain brush pens: wolf hair brush for the feather and tree trunk; nylon brush for details and tree leaves; combination brush for the color washes.
Sumi ink, Piston-filler Water Brush Pens, Japanese rice paper and Chinese Painting supplies are available at

Duration : 0:10:15

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  1. blueheronarts says:

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    please visit my online store BlueHeronArts com for everything you need to do this type of art.

  2. harley7313 says:

    Hi. please respond. …
    Hi. please respond. Where can I get the paper you draw on and pens ETC

  3. KarakalLynx says:

    I really like the …
    I really like the pen-brush you are using. It seems to have a reservoir for the ink in that clear part.

    I like Chinese inking when done black and white and shades of gray, without color. It’s simple yet elegant

  4. jocelynandjosh says:

    My favorite! I …
    My favorite! I love owls.

  5. CustodesAstartes says:

    And you make this …
    And you make this look so easy!

    Another good job, well done.

  6. red8hk says:

    Very good !
    Very good !