Apr 02

Chinese plum blossom brush painting

chinese painting This is my first attempt at painting plum blossom and copying some text I found on another painting. I think it is Cantonese or Kanji but I could be totally wrong as I am Dutch myself and don’t read Asian languages.I appreciate it that you like it so much.

Duration : 0:1:7



  1. maria hussain says:

    what paint did you …
    what paint did you use the blossoms, was it with ink or watercolour paints?

  2. maria hussain says:

    can u make the …
    can u make the video again please but in slower version …. its too fast!!!

  3. maria hussain says:

    so true …. very …
    so true …. very fast

  4. maria hussain says:

    really good Awesome
    really good Awesome

  5. rosecoloured glass says:

    so pretty; i really …
    so pretty; i really love the depth of color in the flowers. nicely done!!! xxx

  6. Vvendetta1913 says:

    c est magique
    c est magique

  7. Tali Shemes says:

    wow! this is …
    wow! this is awesome! so simple!

  8. ClassicalRose05 says:

    What type of the …
    What type of the brush is that, is it just a normal one or special?

  9. Monica Cruz says:



  10. Kristen Lipawsky says:

    Wow that is …
    Wow that is beautiful

  11. jadasmiles says:

    so pretty! you make …
    so pretty! you make it look easy but i’m sure it’s not.
    thanks for sharing!

  12. chidi999 says:

    kan je het op …
    kan je het op youtube zetten?

  13. chidi999 says:

    prachtig is alles …
    prachtig is alles wat ik hierover kan zeggen:)

  14. Olive Breezy says:

    That’s absolutely …
    That’s absolutely beautiful, well done!

  15. Laila Tov says:

    Make another one, …
    Make another one, this time, slower, pleaseee.

  16. Alesaahable says:

    im going to do this …
    im going to do this in school on art lesson, and im going to get A+ ! thax mään <3

  17. vkscinufbfmwsbbbp says:

    Its so pretty!!!
    Its so pretty!!!

  18. Kaitie Wright says:

    This is so amazing! …
    This is so amazing! <3

  19. yerlis95 says:

    What kind of paint?
    What kind of paint?

  20. FierceLambda says:

    I’m not sure if …
    I’m not sure if somebody commented this already, but the writing’s Japanese (Kanji and Hiragana specifically); for somebody who doesn’t know the language, you have great handwriting :)

  21. Genevieve Jasmine says:

    You make it look …
    You make it look so easy!!!

  22. Pantau Chan says:

    Dank je. Leuk om …
    Dank je. Leuk om te horen.

  23. POP90POP1 says:

    جميل مره :)
    جميل مره :)

  24. chiraine1 says:

    ik heb een wilg …
    ik heb een wilg geschilderd en deze manier gebruikt om de bloesem erom heen te maken
    het is echt heel cool geworden

  25. VenlaWallottaa says:

    I love that! I …
    I love that! I wanna do allmost same