Aug 06

Happy New Year 2011! How to Draw Bunny Rabbit in Chinese Brush Painting

chinese painting 2011 is Year of the Rabbit in Chinese Lunar Calendar. I did this instructional video by suggestion of Iris in Florida, who is a member of sumi-e society of America, to show how to paint bunny rabbit in Chinese brush painting or sumi-e. Here is the materials list and you can get most of them at our online store
1. Double Xuan(Shuan) Rice Paper
2. Small Weasel Brush in of the basic three brush set
3. Soft and Stiff Combination Brush in of the basic three brush set
4. Rat whisker brush
5. Chung Hwa Bottled Ink
6. Marie’s Chinese Painting Colours
7. Felt Pad
8. Magnetic Whiteboard
9. Mini Magnetic Paperweights
10. Ceramic Flower Palette

*Please visit our store for more details.

Thanks for watching!


Duration : 0:9:35

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  1. xHuniiSweetx says:

    Hey ,i just turned …
    Hey ,i just turned 13 on wednesday , i told my brother what i want for birthday and i said chinese paint art kit , im chinese and i really like drawing , soon i might put videos of me drawing something.. maybe chinese drawing and other stuff. and can you make a video on writing chinese word? and somehow translate it in english , i cant read chinese lol but i can speak cantonese

  2. LiquorWreckedEmGood says:

    warp factor 10 mr …
    warp factor 10 mr sulu.

  3. blueheronarts says:

    I did and liked the …
    I did and liked the one one with rabbits. Thanks!

  4. nasirjohn says:

    please visit me to …
    please visit me to see my Chinese Happy Near Videos. Thanks

  5. DaRkNeSsBoY100 says:


  6. DaRkNeSsBoY100 says:

    HAPPY NEW 2011 …

  7. ZengHuaXiansheng says:

    Thanks! But I think …
    Thanks! But I think that the Playboy rabbit has a bow at its neck that you didn’t paint! ;-) I’m born in 1987, am 23 years old.

  8. blueheronarts says:

    I didn’t know you …
    I didn’t know you are such a young play boy in Chinese art;-) ( I was born in the year of Boar.) Wish you have a great leap forward in your Chinese study in the Year of Rabit.

  9. ZengHuaXiansheng says:

    Nice painting! I’m …
    Nice painting! I’m born in the year of the rabbit!

  10. OckGal says:

    Happy birthday to …
    Happy birthday to him! :-D

  11. leisititine1 says:

    Très belle vidéo! …
    Très belle vidéo!
    Bonne année à toi et je te souhaite plein de créativité pour 2011!

  12. HarleyStcool says:


  13. blueheronarts says:

    Yes, Chinese New …
    Yes, Chinese New Year’s date varies each year. My brother’s boithday is that date too.:-)

  14. OckGal says:

    February 3rd? How …
    February 3rd? How cool! I’m 32 and as of that date in 2010, I fell in love for the first (sad, I know, but I have anxiety issues) time and it’ll be my boyfriend’s and my 1-year anniversary on that date. Glad I learned of this cos it makes it even neater!

  15. OckGal says:

    Hope you guys had …
    Hope you guys had a great Christmas!

  16. lindaag0 says:

    I agree with …
    I agree with MrHroak. Always interesting to see you paint, and you do such a great job of keeping us viewers in mind in how you demonstrate. Wonderful teaching, as usual (and cute rabbit!) thanks and happy new year.

  17. MrHroark says:

    Nice job Henry.
    I …

    Nice job Henry.
    I always enjoy watching you paint off to the side, upside down, off balance, left handed, etc so the camera can see what you are doing….

    …all that and you still do a great job….

    Its humbling!

    Have a great Christmas

  18. zsefv0928 says:


  19. cwallardo says:

    Wonderful. I’ve …
    Wonderful. I’ve watched many of your demonstrations and have learned a great deal.  Thankyou.

  20. Dimitridrawingme says:

    hello my name is …
    hello my name is Dimitri, i like your tecnic! how hold are you?