Nov 09

How to Draw a Roaring Tiger in Chinese Brush Painting

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Duration : 0:9:58



  1. billie w says:

    chinese art is so …
    chinese art is so beautiful i love it that is amazing

  2. Elite says:

    “guess what im …
    “guess what im doing?” lol the title kinda gives it away !!!

  3. Henry Li says:

    @angelwingskitty …
    @angelwingskitty The paper is Japanese rice paper and brush is the wolf
    hair brush in the “Three Basic Brushes” which you can get from our online
    store at BlueHeronArts Com.

  4. caterina ceccarelli says:

    wow it’s very …
    wow it’s very impressionant ..

  5. Wendy Karcher says:

    Very nice painting …
    Very nice painting :)

  6. Sunrise5 says:

    It’s as if the …
    It’s as if the tiger already lives inside the page and you simply bring it
    out… Incredible!!!

  7. XoxL1S4xoX says:

    badyuff… wtf?? u …
    badyuff… wtf?? u can’t cope with words that differ slightly from writing?
    wow man thats lame. can’t u just appreciate the art?

  8. DarkusShadowProbe says:

    How long did it …
    How long did it take you to master Brush Painting?

  9. 俞靜 陳 says:

    Oh! and my English …
    Oh! and my English is so poor ! I’m so sorry !!

  10. 俞靜 陳 says:

    holle, I come from …
    holle, I come from Taiwan. Excause me, What is it in 8:38?( that tool and
    ink) That ink is water color (不透明的白色水彩) or …?

  11. Jason Morgan says:

    very expressive – …
    very expressive – great work

  12. Ashley Kerslake says:

    for a wolf hair …
    for a wolf hair brush.. do you gotta kill the wolf or just brush one from
    like a zoo/sanctuary?

  13. madcapper6 says:

    axuly the lion is …
    axuly the lion is the king of the jungle

  14. Hannah Matthews says:

    what happens if you …
    what happens if you make a mistake? harder to draw if your on camera as well

  15. Jarne Q says:

    WOW you realy have …
    WOW you realy have to know how your brush moves and how to get a good sise
    and spontanios line, Beautifull :)

  16. Millicent says:

    I’m your fan!!!!!
    I’m your fan!!!!!

  17. basser159 says:

    overall amazing …
    overall amazing painting i loved how u colored it 5/5

  18. madcapper6 says:

    That is amazing!
    That is amazing!

  19. knightsintodreams says:

    @SilverWhitzWolf …
    @SilverWhitzWolf There was a sub species of lions that lived in jungle
    until the advent of human expansion has all but killed them out. (no
    environmentalism here, it’s just the facts) now the only lions left live in
    the savanna, like we see them today :3

  20. huskymaster1 says:


  21. yanghaiying says:

    This is fantastic …
    This is fantastic Henry.

  22. Debbie Vo says:

    Lion is the king of …
    Lion is the king of the jungle

  23. Theresa Quinn says:

    @knightsintodreams …
    @knightsintodreams Yea i know!! The whole reason for zoos was so they could
    bring up the species of endangered animals and now here are 15,00 tigers
    acroos america in zoos to keep the people coiming in to see them not for
    putting back into the wild !.. It stopped me wanting to wirk in a zoo!!!

  24. hong ZHou says:

    Richard park….
    Richard park….

  25. Jen1249L4D says:

    beautiful!!!!!!!!!♥ …