Jan 28

How to Draw Dragonfly – a Chinese Painting Tutorial

chinese painting silhouette dragonfly painting

Duration : 0:10:16

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  1. besteva says:

    @blobby1972 you …
    @blobby1972 you have a very talented to-be-stripper

  2. blobby1972 says:

    I have one just …
    I have one just like that done by my daughter we keep it stuck to the fridge door well she is 5

  3. MrEarthman123 says:

    i wish i could do …
    i wish i could do that

  4. blueheronarts says:

    @fanofsaphira1 Yes …
    @fanofsaphira1 Yes, you may use any brush and paint to paint but the effects are different.

  5. fanofsaphira1 says:

    thanks alot it …
    thanks alot it will help in aquati eco.

  6. fanofsaphira1 says:

    can you use any …
    can you use any kind of brush and paint?

  7. w00t242424 says:

    Its so good! I …
    Its so good! I love your paintings!

  8. FuscoArtisans says:

    FANTASTIC! Thank …
    FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for this video! Now I’m going to check out your website!


  9. NikrotiN says:

    nicely done.

    love …
    nicely done.

    love it. used it in school, got an A :D


  10. kindafresh says:

    What’s that medium …
    What’s that medium in the middle of the plate? Water?

  11. earth2k8 says:

    Thank you – that …
    Thank you – that was excellent instruction, and the lantern idea is wonderful

  12. ritalina1958 says:

    I watch your videos …
    I watch your videos over the years. You have a talent not only as an artist, but as a teacher. Thank you very much for the lessons. margarita.

  13. Y7FFVGcQ says:

    awsome. I’m not so …
    awsome. I’m not so good in ink but this is simple enough that I think I might try it.