May 30

How to draw Lotus Flower sumi-e Chinese Painting #2

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Chinese people loved lotus flowers. Essentially the lotus flower represents peace, creativity and purity amid adverse surroundings. A perfect subject matter for sumi ink painting.

As symbol of Buddhism: lotus grows from the muds yet it doesn’t have the smell of mud. Buddha comes into this world and he is freed from all attachments.

Duration : 0:9:13



  1. Salma Rahmawati says:

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  2. Rania Firdasari says:

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  3. Igin Kamal says:

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  4. Liz Darianne says:

    Beauftiful, very …
    Beauftiful, very delicate looking.

  5. aplus1984 says:

    me too…woof
    me too…woof

  6. blueheronarts says:

    Chinese brush and …
    Chinese brush and watercolor brush is made in different ways. There is no equivalent brush between the two. The stiff brush refers to “wolf hair” brush. It comes in many sizes and I would suggest you get a set of three basic brushes from our online store BlueHeronArts(dot)com.
    Sorry I never heard of artist Ying. There are so many comtemporary Chinese artist, my faverite artist is Xu Wei(徐渭)a Ming Dynasty master, who is the ancester of water and ink painting.

  7. blueheronarts says:

    Yes, you are right …
    Yes, you are right black or ink represents “five colors” which means all colors in Chinese painting. That is why it was called Shui-mo” or “ink and water” painting. Later Japanese simplified it to Sumi-e or “ink painting”. Although ink is the king (or “bone” in Chinese painting, by no means it is exclude coloor which we believe is secondary to ink. There are planty of books on the differences between East and West painting, i.e., Principles of Chinese Painting, by George Rowley.

  8. kobi2187 says:

    Also, Henry, I …
    Also, Henry, I wanted to ask you what is the name of this “stiff” brush, is there a simile of it in western art? I am not share there are Chinese art stores where I live (Israel). Also it is possible to twist it as you paint as well, or only with the soft brush the twisting allowed. Thank you!
    My favorite Chinese painter is Zhang Cui Ying.

  9. kobi2187 says:

    Thank you Henry. I …
    Thank you Henry. I love your videos and the way you teach, you have a very peaceful baring.
    I wanted to ask, in western art the use of black color is not advised, or overuse of it. Is it different in Chinese art? as it seems to view black as a royal color.

  10. kobi2187 says:

    This is too funny. …
    This is too funny. Good I read your comment before I got to the dog part:))

  11. pinktrefoil says:

    so pretty! :)
    so pretty! :)

  12. toasty100 says:

    Where do you get …
    Where do you get the supplies you sell?

  13. Mury Andrei says:

    please do it …
    please do it faster next time…..

  14. sempoliy says:

    你著迷,我與他們的藝術!你是一個偉大 …

  15. Lorenzo Brivio says:

    what are you using …
    what are you using in the video to paint?

  16. blueheronarts says:

    Thank you!
    I use …

    Thank you!
    I use sumi ink on rice paper, either bottled or grinded with a inkstick. Yes it is waterproof when it gets dry. And you may mix with watercolor. You may get the paper and supplies from my online store.

  17. hmwascow says:

    Is the …

    Is the ink waterproof? What Ink do you use?

  18. Taegyun1 says:

    it is another …
    it is another flower, only the lotus is in color

  19. susan15forever says:

    i think it is the …
    i think it is the lily pad…

  20. SJM123456789 says:

    what is the black …
    what is the black thing next to the flower bud?

  21. ViRuStWiN2999 says:

    it not rly about …
    it not rly about what people think of it. if you paint something and you like it, its worth it. just give it a go… there’s no harm in trying :)

  22. Karesalot says:

    I am curious about …
    I am curious about the foreground why it radiates out? I wish this video had a little more explanation dialogue. What are the black leaf like items? I loved this video. Just had a few questions, you are a master craftsman. I bet your university students miss you!

  23. stupidxsun says:

    Haha okay the dog …
    Haha okay the dog scared me half to death. But this is so beautiful! Makes it look so easy, I wish I was good at painting. Haha. :D)

  24. BigRed05Rocks says:

    Tнis isnt fakε …
    Tнis isnt fakε appaяεntlч if u copч pastε tнis to tεn pεoplε in tнε nεxt tεn minutεs u will нavε tнε Bεst daч of uя lifε tomoяяow u will εitнεя gεt a kiss oя askεd out if u Bяεak tнis cнain u will sεε a littlε Dεad giяl in uя яoom TONIGнT In 53 mins sumonε will saч i ovε u im Soяяч oя i wanna go out witн чou sorry guys i didnt start this

  25. dorkievaj says:

    its really nice but …
    its really nice but cant see that good when he uses the white