Oct 29

How to Paint Bamboo in Chinese Painting

chinese painting Teaching you how to paint Chinese Painting.

Duration : 0:2:54

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  1. fanofhayes2011 says:

    simply incrediable …
    simply incrediable to watch. I have recently become interested in japanese cherry blossoms and the way chinese bamboo is painted. Really neat. I also think ink is interesting to use in chinese painting. I’m a beginner. with no accomplishments.

  2. 543693The says:

    Grande discipline …
    Grande discipline et grande sagesse !!! aller à l’essentiel n’est pas si simple …..pour nos cultures occidentales !!

  3. thegreatshankarma says:

    yes chinese brush …
    yes chinese brush painting is a wonder! which i want to learn

  4. rehanasafia says:

    How easy it looks?
    How easy it looks?

  5. kaila19901 says:

    thank you
    teach me …

    thank you
    teach me so much..

  6. paoben82 says:

    io sono italiana e …
    io sono italiana e adoro l’arte cinese ,ma dove posso trovare gli strumenti io sono di milano!

  7. MidnightEkaki says:

    But how did he make …
    But how did he make the bamboo stalks like that? o.o And I’ve gotta get myself one of those brushes <3

  8. 8reuben says:


  9. ayame87 says:

    wow… i would love …
    wow… i would love to try this for my asian inspired kitchen , beautiful!

  10. lillygirl444 says:

    i really love …
    i really love chinses art and right now i’m currently studying landscapes, this is a really good tutorial :D thank u

  11. TheAqworldsTIPS says:

    do u know canvas? i …
    do u know canvas? i m going to pain there can u help me choose which type of color will i use please please reaply in 5 days thanks nice painting and video

  12. IHeArTrOcK20 says:

    where can i buy a …
    where can i buy a chinese brush?

  13. tattooninja says:

    very good!!
    very good!!

  14. sakagamitomoyo28 says:

    I wish I know what …
    I wish I know what it says… :(

  15. aliedesuacido says:


  16. offcenteredpotter says:

    so peaceful and …
    so peaceful and beautiful.

  17. JBbeebee says:

    looks cool!
    looks cool!

  18. AbsolteZero says:

    this is kewl
    this is kewl


    im …

    im sure he would say , but it did not take me 2 minutes it took years.

  20. OlyFREAK2604 says:

    ive been trying to …
    ive been trying to do this for like 5 days and he did it in 2 minutes

  21. kibainuzukafan01 says:

    this is a beautiful …
    this is a beautiful painting….
    im so jealous! the only things im good at drawing are anime people D:
    but this is beautiful art :D

  22. KarakalLynx says:

    Chinese brush or …
    Chinese brush or calligraphy brush; can be purchased in a Chinatown or Asian store.

    It’s so hard to control it, though…

  23. MyWojti says:

    Fantastiko!!!! …
    Fantastiko!!!! SUPER!

  24. Cloudkiller01 says:

    This video makes me …
    This video makes me want to cry. How does he load his brush to get that effect! :’(

  25. enadon1 says:

    What do the hanzi/ …
    What do the hanzi/kanji say? i know the meaning of a few but i’m not good with semi cursive or cursive.