Jan 20

How to Paint Cloud & Mist in Chinese Landscape Painting Using Cotton Xuan Paper HD(1/2)

chinese painting Online Chinese Painting class is available by Henry Li. For information please check http://www.blueheronarts.com/information.php?info_id=5


1. Cotton Xuan Paper http://www.blueheronarts.com/product_info.php?products_id=745
2. Woft and Sheep Hair Brushes
3. Chung Hwa Chinese Ink
4. Marie’s Chinese Painting Colours
5. Magnetic White Board
6. Mini Magnatic Paperweigts
7. Felt Pad
8. Hair Dryer
9. News Print

Chinese Art supplies are available


an online store located
in Southern Callifornia

Duration : 0:9:53

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  1. TheBuddhaLight says:

    I am currently …
    I am currently studying the concept of Chinese traditional landscape painting. I bought myself the Buddha Board to practice basic strokes. This video was very helpful , thank you for this great upload. I also found some traditional brushes that I picked up long ago when I went to the Traditional Chinese Art museum close to my city. I will practice hard!
    Have a great week Henry!

  2. Shan2809 says:

    i love the sound of …
    i love the sound of brush on paper

  3. blueheronarts says:

    @MrHroark Yes, …
    @MrHroark Yes, that’s true there are many schools of art, both in landscape and flower and birds paintings, in my home town Nanjing(or Nanking), and even more artists were from Shaoxing, my father’s hometown, in Zhejiang Province. Thank you!

  4. blueheronarts says:

    @shubufubu You got …
    @shubufubu You got it. Some of my brushes are 40 years old as shown in this lesson. Thanks for watching!

  5. shubufubu says:

    Thanks for the …
    Thanks for the video, Henry. I’ve picked up a new technique, as well as a lesson to not throw those old brushes away. :D

  6. MrHroark says:

    Very nice Henry… …
    Very nice Henry…enjoyed it much.
    There are a LOT of schools of art from your home town…ALL very interesting.
    God bless