Dec 16

How to Paint Dahlia in Chinese Brush Painting with Sumi Ink and Watercolor on Cotton Xuan Rice Paper

chinese painting This is a study of dahlia flowers in Chinese brush painting. The method is derived from the classical chrysanthemum painting. If you are interested in learning Chinese painting, I will be teaching an online class, which will cover the basic strokes and principles of composition in a step-by-step manner. For more info please visit

Materials List
1. Sheep Pro Brush:

2. Marie’s Chinese Painting Colours: rose(306), rouge(400), yellow(218), indigo(495) and dark green(591)

3. Chinese Chung Hwa ink
4. Cotton Xuan paper
5. Felt Pad
6 Magnetic white board and mini paperweights
7. Flower Palette
8. Brush rest

Chinese Art supplies are available at



Duration : 0:19:43

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  1. oso21564160 says:

    Muy buen trabajo, …
    Muy buen trabajo, lo felicito, saludos.
    Hernán Oneto de Perú

  2. TheFarhanIbrahim says:

    Wow henry!! You’re …
    Wow henry!! You’re really talented.. Keep up the good work!! :)

  3. esquerdinha92 says:

    I love your …
    I love your paintings
    i wanna know, do you bought your brushes? or you made them?

  4. blueheronarts says:

    @yueguishu I meant …
    @yueguishu I meant the “Rose” color in Marie’s new color series. Not Carmine. You can find it as an individual tube at our online store BlueHeronArts.

  5. yueguishu says:

    Hi Henry, when you …
    Hi Henry, when you say “rose color”, do you mean Marie’s Carmine?
    Thanks for the beautiful tutorial.

  6. racy65 says:

    HI Henry,

    This is …
    HI Henry,

    This is most beautiful. It is often difficult to figure out how to paint some flowers which are not Chinese.

    I was wondering if you would demonstrate Irises.
    Thank you for all you share.

  7. blablamonkey says:

    谢谢你for sharing

    谢谢你for sharing

  8. blueheronarts says:

    @sandybupy Thank …
    @sandybupy Thank you!

  9. blueheronarts says:

    @kibo070 Thank you!
    @kibo070 Thank you!

  10. blueheronarts says:

    @IloveHamlet Thank …
    @IloveHamlet Thank you!

  11. blueheronarts says:

    @leisititine1 …
    @leisititine1 Thank you for your comment !

  12. leisititine1 says:

    Superbe Henry!!!!
    Superbe Henry!!!!

  13. blueheronarts says:

    @Vincentsmom27 …
    @Vincentsmom27 Thank you for your compliments! I am glad that the blank space I left in this painting makes you feel like a veil of mist, which we call it qi(ch’i) in Chinese art. I used the Marie’s new 24 colour series of Chinese ink-painting tubes, please check detailed product information at our online store BlueHeronArts. The Japanese color cakes are good to use with Japanese rice paper or kozo paper, not on Xuan paper. Please see a new FAQ on my website. Thanks!

  14. Vincentsmom27 says:

    this is one of the …
    this is one of the most beautiful paintings I’ve ever seen. I love the way the blank spaces seem just as important as the spaces with color. It seems to make the painting look like you are seeing it through a mist. Tell me, are there specific types of watercolor paints that are better than others? I have seen some in tubes and some as cakes, which do you prefer?

  15. IloveHamlet says:

    I love watching you …
    I love watching you henry! You are very skilled too :).

  16. blueheronarts says:

    @TheOnlyBanaticla …
    @TheOnlyBanaticla Good question! Marie’s Chinese Painting Colours are not regular watercolor. It will not look good on regular watercolor paper because it is designed to use on rice paper and to mix well with sumi ink. Since the binding materials are very different, regular watercolor may not look as good on rice paper as Chinese painting colors, which is something in between watercolor and guache color. Thanks!

  17. TheOnlyBanaticla says:

    do water colors …
    do water colors only look good on rice paper? or will it look just as good on regular paper?

  18. kibo070 says:

    Your flowers are …
    Your flowers are beautiful

  19. sandybupy says:

    Love your paintings …
    Love your paintings…. gorgeous as always