May 17

How to Paint Daylily in Traditional Chinese Painting Using Hake Brush

chinese painting Medium: Hake Brush, Marie’s Chinese Painting colours(Orange, Cinnabar, Vermilion, Gamboge, Indigo, Rouge) and Ink on Mulberry Paper.
All supplies can be found at
To purchase a set of 3 hake brushes, please click the following link for more info.

Duration : 0:12:21

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  1. katherinbc1 says:

    THANK  YOU …

  2. irangel1958 says:

    Glad to see your …
    Glad to see your video as always very instructional and beautiful to watch.

  3. fairytalegurlme says:

    I love your videos, …
    I love your videos, they are very informative.
    I’ve been trying to do some stroke painting myself but i can never seem to get the colors or consistency right.

    If it’s not to much to ask, can you do a tutorial for mixing colors and water control?