Jan 06

Peony, Rose, Orchid, and Flowers Chinese painting by Cui Qingguo 06

chinese painting Famous Chinese painter 崔庆国 teaches Chinese flower and bird paintings
Basic skills of watercolor and Chinese Calligraphy are recommended for learning these popular subjects.

Duration : 0:8:47

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  1. leonadadian says:

    Does he have a DVD …
    Does he have a DVD available of his technique?

  2. carlitosmio123 says:

    Love it! hugs from …
    Love it! hugs from Venezuela :)

  3. HusbandandWifeShow says:

    He is amazing! I …
    He is amazing! I like this flower much better than the rose. It’s easier and it creates more texture. Will be trying this next! Subscribing!!
    Stay safe…

  4. mswangsarah says:

    Beautiful, …
    Beautiful, beautiful, Beautiful!!!!

  5. 367art says:

    Thank you.
    Thank you.

  6. sviatlanar says:

    Nice job!
    Nice job!

  7. 367art says:

    A painting speaks …
    A painting speaks for itself even a different language is used to explain the processes. Thanks for your comments.

  8. bbornets says:

    Notice he is …
    Notice he is putting on white first, then adding the color to the tip of the brush; then he adds additionally a touch of black to the very tip of the tip before he begins his strokes. Notice the way he uses the curve of the brush rather than reload it. Notice the way he twists the handle of the brush, now and then, for the effect of using the now-curved tip for making highlights on the edges of petals.
    Red Dragonfly