Jul 08

Silicone Paper Patching Technique in Chinese Painting (1 of 2)

chinese painting http://stores.ebay.com/blueheronartscom for purchase info. How to resue a mistaken stroke in Chinese Painting? This video shows you the patching technique using silicone release paper. For more information on silicone mounting paper, please visit http://www.BlueHeronArts.com

Duration : 0:9:5

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  1. Criptografo says:

    all your videos …
    all your videos are very educational man and are great!!! thanks

  2. blueheronarts says:

    Yes, silicone paper …
    Yes, silicone paper is tipically used in dry ounting mounting of photography in the west(usually double-sided silicone paper),
    Traditionally patching is done in wet mounting but it is not as using silicone release paper.

  3. lucaddragon says:

    Great Henry… …
    Great Henry… truly great! I would like to know if silicone paper works as well with common paper?

    Thanks in advance… it’s truly a great time to watch your vdieos… I always learn from them! :)

  4. psychodelicdragon says:

    thanks for your …
    thanks for your help and advice :)