Feb 14

The Good Fortune Peony – a Chinese Painting Demo by Henry Li

chinese painting Along with the plum blossom, peony is a traditional floral symbol of China, where the tree peony(Paeonia suffruticosa) is called 牡丹 (mǔdān). The peony flower is also known as 富贵花 (fùguìhuā) “flower of riches and honour,” and is used symbolically in Chinese Art. The inscription on this painting is written in the Han seal script:
宜富当贵(Yi-fu-dang-gui)meaning “youdeserve to be rich and honour.”
If you are interested in learning how to do it and other subject matters in Chinese brush painting style, I will be teaching a step-by-step online class this coming July. For more info please visit tp://theartfulgathering.blogspot.com/p/instructors.html

For Chinese painting supplies please visit:


and here is a list of materials used in this painting for your reference:
1) Blue Heron Arts Semi-sized Xuan rice paper


2) A soft(goat or sheep) hair brush for the flowers, and I used the set of 3 waterbrushes for the rest of the painting.


3) Maries Chinese Painting Colours: yellow, vermilion, cinnabar and rouge for the petals; yellow, indigo, vermillion and ink for the leaves, umber and vermillion plus ink for the wood stems.
4) Chung Hwa bottled Ink or any other sumi ink.
5) Felt pad.
6) Ceramic flower palette.
7) Brush washer, rest and holder,
8) Magnetic paperweight and magnetic white board.
9) Stone seal and seal ink pad.

You can find these supplies at our online store:


Wishing you a happy prosperious year of the rabbit!


Duration : 0:14:51

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  1. blueheronarts says:

    @kagrochmal You may …
    @kagrochmal You may pre-register at artfulgethering(for $5). This is giving us a “guest list” e-mails. Then you will be invited to the website by June 23rd to formally register($65). Classes starts on July 16th and last thru to August 20th. I am preparing a class outline right now and will release it soon.

  2. kagrochmal says:

    How will your …
    How will your online class be different from your youtube videos? Do you have anymore details of the instructions you will be providing because it doesnt go in depth on the artfulgathering site. Im very interested!

  3. lindaag0 says:

    @blueheronarts …
    @blueheronarts That’s funny you mentioned chopsticks. I started using chopsticks in college (in the 70′s) as I didn’t like the plastic utensils in the cafeteria. Still prefer them & I’ve never gone back to a fork. When I started learning sumi-e last spring, I realized it was helpful as holding the brush is similar to chopsticks, so I wasn’t tempted to hold it like a pencil or western paintbrush.

    But I don’t remember it being difficult to learn to use chopsticks, unlike Chinese brush painting!

  4. TheBuddhaLight says:

    This is truly …
    This is truly incredible. You’ve got yourself a real avertizement program running.
    Finally, a lot of people may be allowed to enjoy your arts local at festivals!
    Very good job.

  5. autunno87 says:

    thats lovely !
    thats lovely !

  6. MrHroark says:

    Henry, you never …
    Henry, you never cease to amaze and inspire….
    God bless

  7. blueheronarts says:

    @lindaag0 As you …
    @lindaag0 As you pointed out I just realized that I was turning and twisting the brush in choosing the right side of the brush although sometimes you cannot see the brush tip from the camera angle. These were all done like second nature to me. Just like using chopsticks, you learn by doing it. As an action artist I enjoy the street crowds. I mean I can do a good job with some performance anxiety (not to be on the stage.though.) Concentration here is almost like a lack of concentration. Thanks!

  8. lindaag0 says:

    I like seeing how …
    I like seeing how you manipulate and twist and turn the brush in doing the flower. Amazing you can concentrate so well and do such nice work in a noisy, crowded public place!

  9. Hachapury says:


  10. leisititine1 says:

    Magnifique!et très …
    Magnifique!et très belle ambiance!

  11. Saremaw says:

    Beautiful as always …
    Beautiful as always. Ty for sharing :)

  12. juanguitar88 says:

    Very nice Mr Li! I …
    Very nice Mr Li! I like it a lot!