May 28

The Incomparable Paris

The world’s largest number of tourists flocks to Paris. It occupies an exalted place, unapproachable by any other tourist spot. Politics and History, Renaissance and Revolutions, Modernism, monuments and museums all jostle here side by side and delight the tourists. To exhaust visiting places of interest and instruction in Paris, it would take several weeks. Art or Architecture, Music or Painting, history or philosophy, Dancing or Sculpture, Food or Wine, delights to the senses or intellect, name anything, you can have it in Paris.

Having played a very laudable part in the European Renaissance and political Revolutions of modern times and having had such rulers like Louis XIV and Napoleon Bonaparte, it is not surprising that Paris echoes with the spirit of enlightenment. We have a trail of great historical monuments which played a turning point in the history of not only the whole of Europe but the world as well.

Of great museums alone 40 or more must be visited. Among them a few like Louvre Museum, Orsay Museum, Musee d’art Moderne, Marmottan Museum, Picasso Museum, Mussee d’ Ennery, Musse Henner, Musee Grevin, etc. are notable. The exhibits in different museums often deal with different areas like medieval art, painting, Chinese Art, oriental antiquities, fashion through the ages etc. Even the notable are only illustrative and by no means exhaustive.

The magnificent monuments from the middle ages through the nineteenth century are a delight to the eyes, besides making us wonder at the splendor of French monarchy. Louvres, Versailles, Invalides, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel tower, Grande Arche are accorded the highest value by the tourists. The Church did not lag behind in leaving its legacy in such structures like Notre-Dame, Sacre-coeur, and Sainte Chapelle. The serenity and solemnity in these places are an addition to the spiritual solace they offered to the faithful ones.

We must bear in mind that apart from this tryst with the spiritual and secular past, the greatness of the present must be sought after and appreciated. Countless hotels and clubs offer music, dance and other programs to enthrall the senses. Paris is considered as a delight for the discerning gourmets as well.

There are more than 2500 hotels and depending upon your budget and expectations, you can book online reservations in almost all of them. Starting as low from 35 Euros, the prices go up to several thousand Euros depending upon the taste of the individual tourists. Luxury buses, taxis, tourist vehicles and all modes of conveyance would make you feel at home in Paris, the city of light and delight.


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  1. hero says:

    For Christians and Muslims …?
    1)Life is full of misery, suffering and pain. I suffered a lot myself, but still see my suffering incomparable to the suffering of many people in the world.
    So what is the purpose of life according to your religion? And what did Christianity or Islam do to improve the lives of people?
    2)Don’t you think that life is unfair to many people. For example, there are so many people in the world whose income is 1 or 2 dollars a day! Why wicked and sinful people like Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, and Donald Trump are very rich, while so many
    true christians and true muslims live in misery?
    I have been under severe stress for the last 3.5 years because of studies, and exams. Also, the girl that I loved left me to another (maybe richer) guy. Why do I have to work very hard to succeed while Paris Hilton was already born rich? Is this fair? Why God gives some people everything and deprive others from everything?
    Why some people have to suffer while others enjoy their lives?

  2. Twizzle says:

    people make other people suffer
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  3. shamshona says:

    I’m muslim

    when u near enough to God, u will find happiness.
    when u do and suffer for Allah, u will find happiness.
    when u have enough faith, u will not suffer from anything in this life, then u will be happiness.
    read and teach Qur’an and u will know well.

    God "Allah" help us.
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