Jan 31

Three Friends of Winter in Traditional Chinese Painting (2/2) – Henry Li

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About The Three Friends in Winter (岁寒三友)
What are the “three friends”? They are bamboo, plum blossoms, and the pine tree. They represent three ideal aspects of the ideal person:
1. Bamboo – this friend represents flexibility. Bamboo grows tall, and can be strong. It’s so strong to use as a tool or as a weapon, yet it is also flexible. Healthy bamboo grows straight towards the sky and yet, when even the strongest wind blows, it will not break. In the face of great force, you can yield as necessary and then spring back from a position of strength, without breaking.
2. Plum Blossoms – this friend represents beauty among even harsh circumstances. Plum flowers bloom in the depth of winter. Amid great cold and dreariness that might kill other flowers, the plum blossom opens and shows its beauty. To be like this friend, you should find opportunity even in the most bleak situations, and let your beauty shine forth.
3. Pine Tree – this friend symbolizes survival through difficulty. The pine is green all year round, and does not wither even in the coldest days of winter. It can grow in places with little water and nutrients.
If you keep these friends in mind in both good times and bad, you may find yourself inspired to be flexible in ways you thought you couldn’t be — and perhaps you can blossom and survive in situations where others falter.

Brushes used:
1. Wolf Hair Waterbrush – Branches of Plum with “flying white”
2. Goat and Wolf Combination Brush – Plum Folowers
3. Synthetic and Natural Blend waterbrush – Caylex and Pollens, pine needles

Paper used: Japanese Rice Paper

Pigments Used: Watercolor (White, Red, Green, Brown and Black)

Duration : 0:8:43

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    awesome Thank You
    awesome Thank You

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    very awesome… …
    very awesome…xiexie cheng de,,,,hoopy507

  4. MrHroark says:

    You just …

    You just keep getting better and better

  5. dipchips says:

    Hi Henri, this is …
    Hi Henri, this is very beautiful indeed. Now i switched over to Mineral pigments (powder form) they are amazing ! ofcourse more expensive then the regular tubes.Wonderful combo these 3 winterhard friends.

  6. bullpukie says:

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    Dont forget to rate people…. he deserves it.

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    Beautiful. Those …
    Beautiful. Those flowers are gorgeous!

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    lovely, your …
    lovely, your stroke is so delicate on the plum flowers. Like another commenter, I am inspired to work on plum again.
    I also like the way the plum dominates the painting. Thanks

  9. farbschlacht says:

    that’s lovely.
    In …

    that’s lovely.
    In my opinion, the title completes the painting. but I’m sure, I’ll never be able to write like that, or copy the writing. very sad…

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    this is really …
    this is really extreme outdoor painting ! I like to watch how you decide on you brush strokes, very good work.

  11. Kazzibird2 says:

    I have never …
    I have never managed to achieve a decent Plum Blossom Branch, but your video has inspired me to give it another go! (Or another 28 go’s!!)
    Sage words Mr Li, “Paint with the essence….” advice I must follow more closely!