Dec 20

Traditional Chinese Painting – Chinese Flower Bird Painting – Watercolor. Yang O-shi inspired.

chinese painting Traditional Chinese Painting – Chinese Flower Bird Painting – Watercolor.Chinese Bird Flower Painting. Flower Bird Landscapes. This evening I thought a severe Tea-Bird would pass the time.
The paper is a single weight Chinese paper bought for me by Melissa. Two years ago. Odd that perhaps the conditions are better for it here but it is easier to use than when first tried in 2008.
I need a studio to work in. The amosphere doesnt help me work. I still seek refuge. Maybe soon.
England is quietly roting here and we, the recession victims, are being statistically hidden.
So it’s nice top lose onesself in activities that were engaged within over 5000 years ago in the Chinese Historcial depths.

Duration : 0:7:2

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  1. lilianamaya says:

    Amazing art, i …
    Amazing art, i love it!

  2. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    Hi Dennis. I’m …
    Hi Dennis. I’m getting there. About another 100 years, God allowing, and I can see my paintings before I paint them. Then I might be a master. :)

  3. DennisOnshaw says:

    Love the fine …
    Love the fine strokes (branches), you have mastered it so well, incredible… n will check out that site for Yang O-shi…ta

  4. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    Hello, …

    Hello, thanks for calling by.
    Well, I have been painting three years, I am not really a mastr but I get by making bird shapes.
    I am very humble about my art.
    I DID do a tribute to Yang O-shi.
    Yang O-shi I would say was the perfect Master to observe. It is a long process but I cold get one of her VCD’s if you so wish. Do a search on “A Tribute To yang O-shi” and you will find my video, there you can see her stroke methods.

  5. evedust says:

    Beautiful! I have …
    Beautiful! I have been trying to learn by watching your video as no teachers in my area. Wish a littler slower or tell us the colors as you apply them. Thanks

  6. NorthwardEquinox says:

    Very nice.
    Very nice.

  7. ChineseCalligraphy says:


    Thanks for calling by. It was fun to do, as always.

  8. karolahanna says:


  9. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    The subject you …
    The subject you mean and when? Bamboo and three years ago nearly now.
    Three years.
    I should paint storms really.

  10. onmywaytofun says:

    what did you first …
    what did you first start painting? Your so good now its incredible