Dec 02

Valentines Roses Chinese Watercolor Painting Tutorial

chinese painting For rice paper or original artworks please visit or

Duration : 0:7:2

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  1. pandyamuks says:

    can you lower the …
    can you lower the music.. its really interfering with the ur voice all the videos

  2. MicaSilver89 says:

    Very beautiful, …
    Very beautiful, and also very relaxing listening to the sound of the brush strokes on the paper.

  3. xXxnataAKAmitsukixXx says:

    wow! that’s so …
    wow! that’s so beautiful!
    i think i will try painting something like this.. i really love asian art!

  4. animefanji says:

    simple yet complex. …
    simple yet complex…. it is very nice… its really pretty…. and calming at the same time… i would love to have one in my room…!!

  5. DuhUNIV says:

    I thank you for …
    I thank you for bringing sumi-e back to my heart and my hands!

  6. sambanoquintal says:


  7. WooSF says:

    abstract but …
    abstract but beautiful

  8. blueheronarts says:

    Liang Xiao (” …
    Liang Xiao (“beautiful evening”) by Liu, Tian- hua . You may found it on Youtube.

  9. karinlalala says:

    what’s the title of …
    what’s the title of the song in the opening?

  10. blueheronarts says:

    Thank you for your …
    Thank you for your comments.
    Actually, I can do a name seal for you. Please email me for a quote.

  11. ApesHaveNoTails says:

    Very romantic! :D …
    Very romantic! :D Your videos are better everytime. Where can I get a personal seal in America?

  12. ChineseCalligraphy says:

    This is a very …
    This is a very beautiful study. I especially love the simplicity of the roses, though, in truth, that Chinese essence is exceptionaly elusive to me. :o)
    best wishes… I learn greatly from your effort here.

  13. lucaddragon says:

    very romantic…. …
    very romantic…. and inspiring! Well done Henry and thanks for all the nice work!

  14. dipchips says:

    Wow ! With the moon …
    Wow ! With the moon in the background. I’ve seen this romantical scenery somewhere before.. How romantic & beautiful for Valentinesday.