Oct 01

What gold paint is used on ancient monuments ?

I wish to paint the external decorative parts of my Chinese summerhouse with a paint which keeps its gold brilliance for a long time, so need a good quality paint.
I worded this wrongly and was referring to, for example, the gold railings around the Albert memorial – obviously if real gold leaf is used on these, people will be scraping away at them all day and night. But, obviously, whatever is used must keep looking good for quite a long time before it needs refreshing.

they use gold leaf not gold paint



  1. Dawa says:

    i like to gold colour
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  2. Shaun says:

    Gold is used ancient electroplating to be exact
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  3. Pauline says:

    Gravestones etc use Gold leaf, not gold paint.
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  4. pickmefirstplz says:

    they use gold leaf not gold paint
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  5. Tim S says:

    It is gold leaf. And no no one will be scraping it off as its a few molecules thick. Virtually no value.
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