Jul 22

China Glaze Tronica (#1) Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial

chinese art (& yes, since this is #1 that does mean there will be #2, I already have picked which other colors I want to use!) More Pics can be seen in this blog post: http://mysimplelittlepleasures.blogspot.com/2011/03/notd-tronica-water-marble-1-matte-magic.html

Nail polish used:
Wet ‘n’ Wild French White
China Glaze Hyper Haute
China Glaze Hologram
China Glaze Techno Teal
China Glaze Virtual Violet

Tips & Tricks Playlist (taping tutorial, how to clean-up & more):


Water Marble Tutorials Playlist:


Nail Art Tutorials Playlist:


You can check out the My Simple Little Pleasures Facebook page here:

Duration : 0:4:2

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Jul 21

Publish to Popular Article Directories and Blogs, Get Indexed Fast

When it comes search engines, google is still the king, and they are doing everything they can to maintain their lead,   in the name of providing more relevant search results for it’s users, on official google blog it is estimated 11.8% search results will be affected by this update, say it another way, there are about 12% of google search results are considered low quality by google itself. Google started this change almost one year ago, and recently I see some of my ranks were lowered considerably, the good thing is that those keywords promoted by content rich links are not affected, a few of these keywords ranked better than ever, it becomes clear that linking campaign the old way is the thing of past, probably due to links crammed sites being tossed out by google.

What is old way of link building any way? There are a lot of SEO company out there are doing this, they add your links to those linking websites without context, these websites will only be updated when new links are being added, it’s safe to assume all of them are trash, we call these sites link spamming sites. Now google algorithm probably will weed out these sites, the links on those spamming sites won’t work anymore.

A few real world examples will help to explain what I said. When I got into online marketing long time ago, I started with this keyword, The Cables Absorb Shocks, of course with old way of link building, a lot of sites I used had too many links, worst yet, those sites had no content at all. I would give credit where credit is due, this linking strategy worked, eventually the keyword could be found on first page,   the honeymoon lasted until google changed it’s mind. Something opposite happened to this keyword, chain pullers, most back links for this keyword are from articles and posts, not too many plain links have been built, the rank for this keyword is making me real happy. Old and outdated linking campaign lost to content linking, what’s next? Actually this is all about content, so if you create great content, you will attract readers as well as search engines. How do you do it? Writing articles and building blogs, take a look at this blog, best baby strollers , I didn’t put too much effort into it from start, but I never stopped posting, the result? I got nice ranking for a few realy nice keywords now. Now you can see, quality article marketing is much better than plain link building. Say you’re building your own bogging network, such as The Straps for The Job, then you will have a powerful weapon in your SEO arsenal.

Remember content is king, you just need to create content, publish and share with people, and put your keywords in the context you’re good to go, this strategy will prevail in short or long term. The virtues, persistence and patience, are essential for your success, you shouldn’t expect things to improve overnight, be it your business or search rankings, keep writing, publishing, sharing and creating, you will see the day of success. When publisinh articles, I prefer ezine, new article will be indexed within an hour if not minutes, popular blogs will get your post indexed as soon as you post it, I believe you should see for yourself, I Want You See This, explains some interesting concepts, quality content, nice presentation, indexed by google, this article is a good example of article marketing.

We’re not finished yet, please remeber, we have hot social media now, no one can afford to not using them. The Twitter tools is a wordpress plugin, you can install it, sign up for a twitter account and create a new application, configure your twitter tools prpperly, then every new post on your blog will show up in your twitter page, it’s easy and really useful, it’s a big loss if you don’t use this tool.

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Jul 19

Twisting – a Trick of Chinese Brush Painting

chinese painting This video shows you how to use soft hair brush, such as “baby hair” brush, to draw. You may purchase a traditional baby hair at http://www.BlueHeronArts.com .

Duration : 0:10:4

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Jul 19

“Rain” Bamboo Chinese Painting 1/4

chinese crafts Start paint bamboo, pinetree, plum blossom, and other subjects easily with a brush and ink with Chinese Calligraphy and brushes techniques.

Our “Easy Series” of Chinese Painting will cover most genres and subjects by different painting instructors. The Easy Series will also include Chinese origami, cooking, crafts, and etc.

Duration : 0:2:36

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Jul 19

Gold Pigment 金粉書法 Chinese Calligraphy on Cerulean & Red Xuan Paper

chinese calligraphy Gold pigments used in this video

Google search: 金粉書法 or gold pigment calligraphy

“Centered Tip Principle” for Chinese Calligraphy writing


Due to the tackiness and density of the gold pigment powder, I made a rare exception to the Center Tip Principle between 2:37 and 2:40. I overly pressed the brush’s bristle up to one half in consideration of the size of the brush and the ingredients of the gold powder. If the brush is pressed more than 1/2 or 2/3, the strokes will lose their vitalities.

Small “Li Fushou brush” used in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgMnBt2yfEg

Chinese calligraphy poems by Zhang Yu (partially adapted in this video)

Filename: GoldPigment-ChineseCalligraphy-IntroPart-1-CeruleanRedXuanPaper-Aug2010.wmv

Duration : 0:2:50

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Jul 19

Cai Guo-Qiang Explosion Work

chinese art Chinese Artist Cai Guo-Qiang, who works primarily in gunpowder, works on an “Explosion Work” on Long Island, New York, in 2006. Video produced by McConnell/Hauser Inc. www.mcconnellhauser.com

Duration : 0:4:6

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Jul 16

Butterfly Chinese Painting in Japanese Watercolor

chinese painting 中華彩蝶圖譜 (“China Color Butterfly Pictures”) may be obtained from
http://www.bookseed.com/html/sresh/?itype=a&k=%E4%B8%AD%E5%8D%8E%E5%BD%A9%E8%9D%B6%E5%9B%BE%E8%B0%B1&lang=sm (Price in US dollars)

http://search.books.com.tw/exep/prod_search.php?cat=all&key=%A4%A4%B5%D8%B1m%BD%BA%B9%CF%C3%D0 (Price divided by about 35 is US dollars)

Google search: 中华彩蝶图谱 for more bookstores
The author, a Chinese painter and insectologist, has included his Gongbi paintings of 200 different butterflies in this book. According to the book, China has about 1,800 kinds of butterflies, mostly located in the southern provinces, especially in Taiwan.

Bees, butterflies and dragonflies Chinese Painting of the Song Dynasty


Guzheng music: Butterflies in Love with Flowers ( 古箏: 蝶戀花 )

Japanese cake watercolors (Yasutomo Sumi-e watercolor set), sized Xuan paper, and various brushes used in this video:
Asel Art Supply http://www.aselart.com/


Some of the Chinese painting techniques here may be very similar to Chinese Figure Paintings


and Chinese Calligraphy techniques, especially Seal Style and Cursive Styles. Due to time limitation, I did not record the full length of painting procedures. Many finishing touches are not recorded and included here since they are intuitive and self-explanatory.

More about Chinese butterflies and related art and painting:





Filename: Butterfly-1st-ChineseBrushPainting-JapaneseWatercolor-03212011-Part1BlueStarVision.wmv

Duration : 0:5:6

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Jul 16

Pak China Navy making fast attack craft missile boats

chinese crafts Pak China Navy making fast attack craft missile boats



Duration : 0:1:8

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Jul 16

國畫 Cricket Practice.Chinese Brush Painting & Calligraphy

chinese calligraphy Cricket Practice. Heh, Painting Crickets. his is simply a basic Chinese Self Practice session and I have added some old ones in for fun.
I find the paper / paint process difficuilt. The paper is so thin, so fragile when wetted. The brushes I findeither too soft or a bit too hard. It is all about getting the liquid into the paper.
Like carving but with water instead of a blade.
Maybe this is why Calligraphy is so associated with the martial art of swordsmanship because of the hand/wrist coordination involved.

Duration : 0:5:12

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Jul 16

A World of Art: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

chinese art Founded in 1870, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is a three dimensional encyclopedia of art history. Produced for Public Television by Great Museums TV.

Duration : 0:50:36

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