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Aug 03

Capture the Spirit of Autumn Roses – a Chinese Watercolor Painting Tutorial

chinese painting The DVD, online class and Chinese Art supplies are available at http://www.BlueHeronArts.com
This is a 35 minutes tutorial on the subject of autumn roses. Although roses bloom all year round I most like to paint them in the autumn just before the winter pruning. Another good time roses appeal to me is the first flowering in early spring. But I favor the autumn roses much more because the long zigzagged canes and rich color of the falling petals in autumn wind.

In this lesson I try to teach beginners how to pain rose in a fractal expression manner with repeating triangular petals. By combining these basic strokes with the colorful autumn rose pictures in the background I hope to inspire you to paint roses in free style Chinese brush painting.
If you haven’t tried Chinese painting, please visit http:///www.BlueHeronArts.com to get the basic set of three Chinese Painting brushes that I used in this painting, some rice paper, ink and Marie’s Chinese paints. I will be very happy to answer any questions you might have about painting roses in free Chinese watercolor style.

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Duration : 0:35:36

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