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Jun 25

Traditional Chinese Painting

chinese painting this is how traditional Chinese Paintings are painted in China.

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Jun 22

Lucky 8 horses for Sucess a Chinese Painting Demo by Henry Li

chinese painting Eight is a lucky number in Chinese because Fa(fortune) and Ba(8) are same sound in Cantonese and other regional dialects. Lucky Eight Horses has been a favorite theme in Chinese painting. I did this in a CNY’s festival at a local mall to repress my good wishes for the Year of Rabbit.
In the beginning, I was thinking to do all the horses racing forward as seen in most “eight horse” Chinese paintings, but I made the second horse backward accidentally, so I changed my mind to set them the ranch instead.


1. Waterbrushes
2. Semi-sized Xuan Rice Paper
4. Marie’s Chinese Painting Colours
5. Sumi Painting Colors
4. Chung Hwa Ink
5. Felt pad
6. Magnetic paperweights
7. Magnetic Board
8. Peach Sap Glue Power
9. Bamboo brush holder
10. Ceramic Flower Palette

Chinese painting supplies available at

Duration : 0:7:31

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Jun 22

Four Treasures Chinese Calligraphy Box Set for Beginners

chinese calligraphy 1. Four Treasures box sets from Amazon, e-Bay or Taobao


More 文房四宝 from www.taobao.com


Hopefully these will make great Christmas gifts.

2. Preparing new brushes
Soaking new brushes – Obeying the Centered Tip Principle 中鋒 is required in all stages of using Chinese calligraphy brushes for beginners and experienced calligraphers as well.
中鋒 is one of the most important techniques of Chinese Calligraphy.


NOTE: The brushes sold with box sets have different levels of qualities. It’s best to consult experienced calligraphers for reliable resources. Some box sets have brushes that might make beginners of Chinese calligraphy unable to understand some calligraphic principles and achieve good writing results.

3. Looking for models to copy
Google “Free Chinese calligraphy model” or search 楷書, 書法 and (or) 字帖 from www.bookseed.com and www.books.com.tw

4. Grinding ink
More video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFqfzKV2OeM

5. Finding basic writing methods and principles
Dipping brushes with ground ink and basic writing techniques http://www.art-virtue.com/tutorial/index.htm

6. Cleaning brushes & inkstones
Search in http://www.art-virtue.com/index.html#GoogleSearch or http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=artvirtue#g/u

7. Brief view of Chinese seal chops
Chinese seals and their usages have special types of knowledge and sets of rules and taboos in Chinese culture, especially when they are applied in Chinese calligraphy and brush painting. It’s not necessary for beginners to know the rules involved as shown below.
篆刻 = seal carving; 用印 = using seals; 規則 = rules
篆刻用印規則 (Some related & unrelated articles in Google) http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=%E7%AF%86%E5%88%BB%E7%94%A8%E5%8D%B0%E8%A6%8F%E5%89%87&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=
http://igt.com.tw:3000/domain/show_article/51 (Some samples of using seals)

Filename: FourTreasureBoxSet-Beginners-Version1

Duration : 0:7:35

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Jun 22

Ai Weiwei detained. Here is his TED film

chinese art http://www.ted.com The news that Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei has been detained by authorities has prompted significant concern here at TED-HQ. We had shown a film of him at last month’s conference, an unexpected and courageous statement about his treatment by the government, social change, the power of the web, and his hope for the future of China. The film, which was shown as Ai Weiwei himself watched live over the web in the middle of the night, prompted a huge standing ovation from the TED audience.

Read the news story: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-12954811

TED is a non-partisan, nonpolitical organization and we understand the Chinese authorities concern at anything which might provoke social unrest. But for anyone who believes in the power of ideas, of human imagination, it is heartbreaking to see one of the world’s great artists shackled in this way. We will be tracking developments carefully. Here is the film.

Duration : 0:11:38

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Jun 19

China Painting Tutorial – Orchids – Barbara Duncan

chinese painting This video consists of excerpts from Barbara Duncan’s 45 minute china painting tutorial video – Orchids. Many of her other tutorial books and videos are available for purchase through her website at: http://www.BarbaraDuncanArt.com

Duration : 0:14:50

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Jun 19

Early China The Han Dynasty Lady Dai

chinese art Ohlone College Art 103A
Professor Kenney Mencher
(Art History Stone Age Technology through the Early Renaissance)

An analysis of the items found in Lady Dai’s tomb from the Han Dynasty with an in depth analysis of the silk banner found draped across her coffin.

Duration : 0:12:22

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Jun 16

OAS Chinese Calligraphy Lesson 2

chinese calligraphy on this lesson we introduce a vertical bone stroke as we work on the number 10 , 20 , & 30. we also work on running style with the word fortune in honor of chinese new year.

Duration : 0:5:8

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Jun 10

Plum Blossom Chinese Painting Tutorial (4 of 5)

chinese painting For more info please visit http://Stores.eBay.com/blueheronartscom or http://www.blueheronarts.com

Duration : 0:9:39

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Jun 10

China Furniture and Arts — Mother of Pearl Inlay: The Process

chinese art For more information on our Mother of Pearl inlay furniture, please visit http://www.ChinaFurnitureOnline.com/mop.htm .

China Furniture and Arts has had over 50 years of experience in creating authentic Mother of Pearl furniture. Although modern technology has made furniture crafting easier, we remain true to traditional techniques that date back to the Ming dynasty in China. From raw materials to finished products, we strive for excellence in every step of the process.

China Furniture and Arts, based out of Chicago, but with roots in the carpentry of Shanghai, is a premier provider of Asian home decor. We have a large variety of selections. From complete room settings to fine collectible accessories, we constantly inventory more than 4,000 items and over 2,500 of them are available online. We can also custom design to meet your unique needs.

Our 28 years of experience in the North American market has allowed us to create award-winning designs, combining beautiful traditional Chinese styles with functions for today’s modern lifestyle. We at China Furniture and Arts not only understand the beauty of Chinese Art and the delicacy of the work, but also the stories behind each piece. We insist all of our handcrafted products to be manufactured with traditional techniques. All pieces we select are from its origin and our Chinese inspired product designs are truthful to its original.

Visit China Furniture and Arts’ showroom at:
35 S. Cass Avenue
Westmont, IL 60559
T: 1-888-786-6888

or visit us online at http://www.ChinaFurnitureOnline.com .

Video filmed on location in China and our showroom in Westmont, IL. ©2010.

Duration : 0:4:1

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Jun 07

How to decorate Chinese paper lanterns

chinese crafts Celebrate Chinese New Year with brightly decorated personalised lanterns. We used Giotto Decor Pens to create our designs then embellished with stickers, they’re so adaptable. This is just one of our great craft ideas to have fun at home or in the classroom. Baker Ross has been supplying arts and craft for kids since 1974. Visit our channel and our website for more craft ideas to get the kids creative with Baker Ross.

More D-I-Y Craft Ideas: http://www.bakerross.co.uk/category-D-I-Y-Craft-Ideas-ARTSDESI.htm
For more great project ideas, visit http://www.patticrafts.co.uk/
Subscribe to our Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bakerrossartandcraft

Duration : 0:2:55

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