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Apr 18

Painting Village – China

chinese painting July 2006
If you fancy an old master but don’t want to pay millions, Dafen, China, is the place to go. For a few dollars, the ‘painter workers’ will whip you up whatever you fancy. The village already supplies 600 galleries.

Just 17 years ago, Dafen was a rural backwater. Then art entrepreneur Huang Jiang moved in. “I needed lots of people to work for me. Here was a whole village”, he explains. By applying China’s production line techniques to art and training lots of artists, he has boosted the town’s turnover to $22 million p.a. Orders come in from around the world.

Produced by ABC Australia
Distributed by Journeyman Pictures

Duration : 0:7:22

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Jan 20

Early Dynastic Chinese Art 1 The Large Concepts

chinese art Ohlone College Art 103A
Professor Kenney Mencher
(Art History Stone Age Technology through the Early Renaissance)

An analysis of the philosophy, religions, motifs and development of writing that influenced the production of painting, pottery, metal casting in early dynastic China of the Warring States, Shang and Chou Dynasties.

Duration : 0:12:31

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