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Aug 09

Chinese Watercolor Painting Tutorial – How to paint Donut Peach and Lychee w/ Henry Li

chinese painting This is a demonstration of how to paint Chinese flat peach in traditional brush painting tyle.

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“In China, the peach was said to be consumed by the immortals for its mystic virtue of conferring longevity on all who ate them. The divinity Yu Huang, also called the Jade Emperor, and his mother Xi Wangmu, also known as Queen Mother of the West, ensured the gods’ everlasting existence by feeding them the peaches of immortality. The immortals residing in the palace of Xi Wangmu were said to celebrate an extravagant banquet called the Pantao Hui or “The Feast of Peaches”. The immortals waited six thousand years before gathering for this magnificent feast; the peach tree put forth leaves once every thousand years and it required another three thousand years for the fruit to ripen. Ivory statues depicting Xi Wangmu’s attendants often held three peaches.” (From “Peach” Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Duration : 0:11:36

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Aug 03

Capture the Spirit of Autumn Roses – a Chinese Watercolor Painting Tutorial

chinese painting The DVD, online class and Chinese Art supplies are available at http://www.BlueHeronArts.com
This is a 35 minutes tutorial on the subject of autumn roses. Although roses bloom all year round I most like to paint them in the autumn just before the winter pruning. Another good time roses appeal to me is the first flowering in early spring. But I favor the autumn roses much more because the long zigzagged canes and rich color of the falling petals in autumn wind.

In this lesson I try to teach beginners how to pain rose in a fractal expression manner with repeating triangular petals. By combining these basic strokes with the colorful autumn rose pictures in the background I hope to inspire you to paint roses in free style Chinese brush painting.
If you haven’t tried Chinese painting, please visit http:///www.BlueHeronArts.com to get the basic set of three Chinese Painting brushes that I used in this painting, some rice paper, ink and Marie’s Chinese paints. I will be very happy to answer any questions you might have about painting roses in free Chinese watercolor style.

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Duration : 0:35:36

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May 17

How to Paint Daylily in Traditional Chinese Painting Using Hake Brush

chinese painting Medium: Hake Brush, Marie’s Chinese Painting colours(Orange, Cinnabar, Vermilion, Gamboge, Indigo, Rouge) and Ink on Mulberry Paper.
All supplies can be found at http://www.BlueHeronArts.com
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Duration : 0:12:21

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Jan 24

Painting Plum Blossom Chinese Hanging Scroll with Rooster Feather Brush

chinese painting Available on DVD now! http://www.blueheronarts.com/product_info.php?products_id=439
This plum blossom painting conclude the “Four Gentlemen” hanging scroll series. I have tried very hard to take advantage of the green screen trick that I have just learned to give the viewer some idea about spirit of plum blossoms which bloom in the snow. I found theses nice pictures on the internet AFTER I have done the painting and in the video editing process to make it look like I was painting in front of those beautiful flowers instead of the green screen. I wish it helps you to get the essence of Chinese plum blossom painting. Let me know what do you think.

The brush that I used for this plum painting is made of rooster feather. It worked out just as I expected – to loosen up control over details and concentrate on the oneness of all strokes and the wholesome image in my mind. I love the rich texture generated by dry feather brush on the trunk and the bouncing twigs produced by sensitive feather tip.
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Duration : 0:27:8

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