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Jul 13

Chinese calligraphy(Taiwan, OCAC, macroview)

chinese calligraphy 影片名稱:「Chinese Calligraphy master: Chang Bing Huang」


Calligraphy started with Chinese pictography. It was not until Han dynasty that professional calligraphers appeared.
The King of books Wang Hsi Zhis Langtin Hsu showed off exaggerated calligraphy style while the Huei Su monks Zi Xu documents words were just like himself.
All famous poets and writers from any eras have their own styles of calligraphy.
Chang Bing Huang hosted Chinese Calligraphy 30 years ago.
Back then, he was Taiwans famous calligrapher.
He used to use Chinese paintbrush to write for the daily program of Word of the Day. Now he use computer to promote the art of Chinese calligraphy.
Happiness through letting go, heart of content leads to longevity, strong body is health, be rational and gain peace, all the concepts showed Chang Bing Huangs hope for himself and wisdom of life.

Duration : 0:2:2

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