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Jul 16

國畫 Cricket Practice.Chinese Brush Painting & Calligraphy

chinese calligraphy Cricket Practice. Heh, Painting Crickets. his is simply a basic Chinese Self Practice session and I have added some old ones in for fun.
I find the paper / paint process difficuilt. The paper is so thin, so fragile when wetted. The brushes I findeither too soft or a bit too hard. It is all about getting the liquid into the paper.
Like carving but with water instead of a blade.
Maybe this is why Calligraphy is so associated with the martial art of swordsmanship because of the hand/wrist coordination involved.

Duration : 0:5:12

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Jul 10

Bamboo Studies – Chinese Bird and Flower Painting.

chinese painting Bamboo Studies – Chinese Bird and Flower Painting. Chinese Bamboo Painting. There is something very mysterious about the way the Chinese Paint Bamboo.
Here we see some examples of Chinese Bamboo and in this we study the leaves and their formations.
There is alot more to painting Bamboo once you are seasoned in the method..
However, I hope this is a small inspiration for your time.
Thanks for calling in.

Duration : 0:11:13

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Jul 01

Chinese Painting Peonies in Orange and Yellow with Brushes (Part1/3)

chinese painting http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&source=hp&q=Chinese+painting+peony&gbv=2&aq=f&oq=&aqi= Google pictures of Chinese peonies paintings

Duration : 0:2:53

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Jun 10

Making a Chinese Calligraphy Brush. The Process. “Wishing Brush.”

chinese calligraphy Looking to buy a particularly special Calligraphy Brush?


You may not do very much better than buy one from Master Lin.
His work seems to be impressive and, as a family business, would seem to show the signs of success through the generations.
Take a look and see!

I found this site today and thought it worthy of some time for a little free promotion. I thought this was an impressive effort at describing the Brush making process.
This should be far more common to find than it is.
Good for Master Lin.

Master Lin:
“Four generations of traditional brush making have long survived in the Republic of Chinas grand capital, the city of Taipei. Lam Sam Yick, our exclusive calligraphy and painting brush supplier, is a family owned company established a century ago. They are famous for their development of high quality brushes by using all natural products. Their number one top seller is the Wishing brush which has been in the making for the past 96 years. What distinguishes this familys success in the brush making industry is locked in their secret technique of creating their brushes. Their system entails using an exact percentage of different hair types to create a perfect brush. These brushes present the calligraphy artist with higher quality by maintaining its original shape during and after usage, as well as allowing the artist different characteristic in their script. Pictured below you will see Master Lin assembling the very favored brush.”

Making a Chinese Calligraphy Brush. The Process. “Wishing Brush.”

Duration : 0:4:44

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Dec 20

Traditional Chinese Painting – Chinese Flower Bird Painting – Watercolor. Yang O-shi inspired.

chinese painting Traditional Chinese Painting – Chinese Flower Bird Painting – Watercolor.Chinese Bird Flower Painting. Flower Bird Landscapes. This evening I thought a severe Tea-Bird would pass the time.
The paper is a single weight Chinese paper bought for me by Melissa. Two years ago. Odd that perhaps the conditions are better for it here but it is easier to use than when first tried in 2008.
I need a studio to work in. The amosphere doesnt help me work. I still seek refuge. Maybe soon.
England is quietly roting here and we, the recession victims, are being statistically hidden.
So it’s nice top lose onesself in activities that were engaged within over 5000 years ago in the Chinese Historcial depths.

Duration : 0:7:2

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Dec 06

Chinese Painting Flower Birds (Part 2000/3000) + Free e books and pics of Insects

chinese painting http://hi.baidu.com/lpwxu6012/blog/category/%B9%A4%B1%CA%B2%DD%B3%E6
Free Chinese painting e books and pictures 國畫昆蟲




The term Chinese Flower and Bird Paintings include flowers, birds, plants, animals and various subjects other than pure figure and landscape painting.

Parts 1-999 Flower and bird paintings taught be professors and renowned painters

Parts 1000-2000 Various related subjects associated with Chinese flower and bird paintings

Parts 2000-3000 Insects, crickets, play mantis, grass hoppers, dragonflies, butterflies, worms, related to flower and bird painting

Many Chinese painting videos are broadcasted on TV in Asian countries. One of our goals is to share them with the rest of the world.

These video series will cover both traditional and modern approaches in Gongbi and Xieyi styles of oriental painting and sumi-e and some related Chinese Calligraphy techniques and terms. The subjects will cover roosters, eagles, cranes, raggedy birds, flowers, crickets, grass hoppers, sparrows, butterflies, dragonflies, insects, and etc by various Chinese Painting masters or professors.

Duration : 0:2:54

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